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Episode 103


Topic: Combating the Ever-Rising Cost of Digital Marketing

Guest: Frank Andolina, COO, Coalmarch

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Frank says are the biggest causes for an "all-out assault on ROI" in digital marketing

  • The Google "Vicinity update" of December 2021 and how it has reduced the radius for visibility

  • How renting real estate plays a role in "playing the game"

  • Why Donnie is a "born-again branding guy" and how company size and growth goals play a role

  • How Google's change to "close variants" are affecting ads

  • Mobile vs. desktop searches for home services

  • How there's still a need for SEO to offset paid digital advertising

  • Why Frank recommends investing in the "top of the funnel"

  • Is there a booking feature similar to OpenTable for home services?

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "People still seem to be more likely to commit or become a lead when they don't think they're being sold to." —Frank Andolina

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