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Episode 108


Topic: Rentokil Terminix — an Exclusive Integration Update

Guests: John Myers, CEO, U.S. Pest Control, and Brett Ponton, CEO, Rentokil Terminix

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the largest acquisition deal ever done in the pest control industry is now officially complete and has moved into the integration phase

  • Why the integration is taking place over a three-year span

  • The plan for combining the Terminix and Rentokil brands with the 80-plus other brands under the umbrella

  • The strategic benefits of the merger, according to John Myers

  • The challenges they are facing as they become the largest pest control company ever

  • "Wins" they're seeing so far in operations and IT

  • The synergies they anticipate between the two companies

  • How Terminix franchises will be incorporated

  • John's take on what the company's M&A plan will look like in 2023

  • Brett's take on private equity in the pest control industry

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "These are once-in-a-career opportunities. I shared with our leadership team, 'You're never going to work as hard as you're going to work over the next three years, but you're never going to feel more rewarded once you see the end product like we're going to feel three years from now." —Brett Ponton

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