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Episode 28

April 8, 2021

Topic: How to Recruit & Retain A Players

Guest: Jean Seawright, president of Seawright & Associates

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Jean, Donnie and Dan define "A player."

  • How to stand out as an employer of choice to attract great employees, including pay, benefits, flexibility and more.

  • The three most important drivers of job satisfaction for employees.

  • How using job boards like Indeed and Zip Recruiter might be hurting rather than helping your company.

  • Why you need a new mindset about recruiting.

  • The No. 1 thing you can do to attract more "A players" (hint: an employee referral program worth several hundred dollars or more).

  • A study Jean conducted for NPMA about women in the industry.

  • Why and how to attract more women to pest control.

  • Sourcing talent vs. recruiting.

  • Whether it's a good idea to get a freelance recruiter or share a recruiter between a few companies.

  • Why some companies think they need a recruiter but may need an HR person (and vice versa).

  • How do read and evaluate a resume.


Advice: "If you're going to hire a recruiter, make sure you hire someone who understands how to source candidates using creative methods, not just job boards. Today a recruiter is part head hunter, part digital strategic and part customer service expert." —Jean Seawright

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