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PMP Industry Insiders
Peer Groups

 Level Up with Peer Groups for Pest & Lawn Companies

"You're signing up to have people look at your dirt and critique your dirt. If you can't accept that, don't sign up for a peer group. It's not going to do you any good."
—Donnie Shelton

Who holds you accountable as the leader of a pest control or lawn care company?


If the answer is "no one," a peer group may be just what you need. The PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups connect like-minded business leaders to share their experiences and hold one another accountable so they can achieve their goals

The PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups are facilitated by pest control industry veteran David Billingsly, president of the Billingsly Group. 

With a background in retail management, David entered the pest control industry in 2006 at Washington D.C.-based American Pest. He was named president in 2017, shortly after American Pest was acquired by Anticimex. In 2021, he became Anticimex’s western regional president. Over his six years at Anticimex, David was part of over 20 M&A transactions and integrations, which grew American Pest and Anticimex’s western region to nearly $50 million in revenue. Billingsly is also a long-time member of the Associated Pest group, he has served on numerous National Pest Management Association and Copesan committees and is an Associate Certified Entomologist.

Our peer groups typically meet twice a year in person and stay in touch in between via videoconference and project management software.


Are you a pest control or lawn care owner or manager who's serious about taking your business to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about joining a peer group.

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