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Episode 50

Sept. 16, 2021

Topic: How to Supercharge Your Sales Efforts

Guest: Patrick Quigley, president, Sales Training by Design

In this episode we discuss:

  • How improving your sales efforts depends on the needs of your individual salespeople (it may be improving follow-ups, cross selling, time management or a mindset change)

  • How a follow-up process is a vital part of the sales method

  • Patrick's take on whether salespeople are born or made

  • The metrics he says are the most vital to track for salespeople

  • His view on technicians who sell vs. an outside salesperson model

  • The concept of "drop-dead pests"

  • CSRs vs. call center reps

  • How to motivate and incentivize salespeople

  • Nuances of sales contests and compensation structures

  • Hunters vs. farmers and which is better for residential sales vs. commercial sales

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "It only costs 55 cents to send a letter home saying 'Hey, you're doing a really great job' ... It really doesn't take that much to incentivize people, keep people pumped up and wanting to come back to work." —Patrick Quigley

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