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Episode 124


Topic: How One LCO Leverages Marketing Automation Tools

Guest: Liam Sunstrum, owner of Yard Dawgs

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Hubspot and why Liam uses it to streamline his marketing, sales and customer service

  • The definition of closed-loop marketing and how Liam uses Hubspot to execute it

  • How Yard Dawgs uses Hubspot in concert with RealGreen

  • An example of a campaign Yard Dawgs has set up to automate quick replies to leads

  • An example of how Yard Dawgs uses marketing automation for accounts receivable

  • An example of an automated cancel/past lead email sequence

  • How Yard Dawgs plans to use artificial intelligence-enabled video to reach prospects

  • Liam's tips to get started with marketing automation software like Hubspot

  • How Yard Dawgs is using dynamic website targeting with lists

  • An example of how Yard Dawgs uses Hubspot for customer service

  • How Yard Dawgs is improving SMS response rates

  • How a website "lawn score quiz" helped the company generate 1,600 leads

  • The way Liam uses Net Promoter Scores to generate online reviews

  • What "website creepers" are and how Yard Dawgs targets them

  • The "Black Friday special" campaign

  • Marketing mistakes Liam's made and what he's learned from them

Resources mentioned:

Notable/Advice: "If they're going to submit (a form) on your website, I guarantee they're going to do it for five other competitors. In my opinion, the first one to reach out to them is the one that's going to book the sale." —Liam Sunstrum

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