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Episode 128


Topic: Termite Liability & You — Part 2

Guest: Mark Ruff, attorney, MHR Law

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Florida has some of the most stringent regulations in this area, but why PMPs should be sure to check with their own state's rules

  • Why the pre-purchase inspection, known as the13645 in Florida, is a hotbed for litigation

  • The fact that the 13645 inspection form is different than the NPMA 33 form

  • How lack of training about conducting inspections and completing forms is one of the biggest issues Mark sees

  • The details of Florida section 3, which covers what the technician didn't or couldn't inspect and why

  • Whether inspections are a good business strategy or not

  • How the risks are twofold: regulatory and legal

  • How much money a poor inspection could end up costing you

  • What PCOs can do protect themselves if they choose to do these inspections

  • What do to if you get a termite damage complaint

  • Common mistakes Mark sees related to inspections

  • Common technician responses for doing inadequate inspections

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The most common mistakes I see are hurrying through the inspection, not filling the form out correctly, and not understanding exactly the structure of the home before you start the inspection." —Mark Ruff

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