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Episode 127


Topic: Termite Liability & You — Part 1

Guest: Mark Ruff, attorney, MHR Law

In this episode we discuss:

  • The legal liability of providing termite services

  • The importance of using a legitimate legal contract, not cutting and pasting from another company's contract

  • How termite cases are litigated in Florida and where "double recoveries" come into play

  • What PMPs can do to protect themselves, starting with a good training program

  • What a good termite training program entails

  • How to ensure you're working within the regulations, which in Florida is "chapter 42"

  • Even if you do everything right, are you still going to get sued?

  • Where the bulk of the claims come from, in Mark's experience: 1). contract issues, 2). 13645 issues (inspection reports), 3). conducive conditions, and 4). treatment issues

  • Concerns related to salespeople and sales policies

  • The importance of documentation

  • Why you have to be able to walk away from some clients

  • How Donnie has implemented a bar code system for crawl space inspections

  • Caveats about baiting system inspections

  • Stories and strange things Mark has witnessed over the years

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "By fixing your contracts, you're alleviating potentially over 40 percent of claims that could be brought against you. Obviously, if you don't follow the terms of the contract, that's another matter. But at least start with a compliant contract." —Mark Ruff

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