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Episode 134


Topic: Why Cancels Are the Key to Growth

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • What prompted this episode

  • Why it becomes difficult to "outsell" your cancels as you grow

  • How you will reach a point where you can't grow any more unless you reduce your cancel rate

  • How Donnie measures cancels and an average cancel rate

  • Another way to measure cancels according to Dan

  • The most common reasons for cancellations and why it's important to track them

  • Strategies for managing cancels

  • Why you should empower your front line to retain clients

  • How to implement a "proactive save"

  • Not giving clients reasons to cancel with unnecessary communication

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "As your accounts go up, if you maintain a standard cancel rate, eventually you will hit a size where you simply cannot outsell your cancels." —Donnie Shelton

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