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Episode 175


Topic: Rentokil's Leaders Talk Growth Strategy

Guests: John Myers, CEO of U.S. Pest Control, & Brad Paulsen, CEO of North America, Rentokil

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our sponsors Coalmarch by Workwave and PestSure

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • Brad's background and his take on joining Rentokil

  • Rentokil's explosive growth in the U.S. over the last 20 years (Rentokil Terminix generates $3.2 billion in revenue)

  • How John's role has changed and the leadership lessons he's learned

    • Delegate

    • Surround yourself with subject-matter experts

    • Improve execution and project management

  • Why John recommends reading the Wall Street Journal every day

  • Marketing and Rentokil's Q1 results, including disappointing organic growth

  • The Right Way 2 Growth Plan, a framework Rentokil is using to drive growth, including:

    • Being an employer of choice

    • Improving marketing acquisition (including sales and marketing)

    • Delivering a consistent and dependable service experience

    • Retaining customers

  • The importance of communication when implementing a framework for growth

  • The impact of the Terminix acquisition on the results

  • Brad's thoughts on the changing digital marketing landscape

  • The status of the Terminix acquisition and a concept called "the Rentokil/Terminix way of doing business"

  • Whether there are plans to consolidate brands

  • John's comments on the future of M&A for Rentokil and the industry overall

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Your reputation in the marketplace influences your results digitally ... The No. 1 reason a customer quits any pest control company is not complex. You failed to solve the pest problem." —John Myers, Rentokil

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