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Episode 138


Topic: How to Upgrade Your Safety Protocols

Guest: Linda Midyett, Director of Safety, PestSure

In this episode we discuss:

  • Linda's background and role at PestSure

  • How the fleet is the biggest area of exposure for pest control companies

  • The next two areas of concern: slips/trips/falls and dog bites

  • One area that's less of a concern than you'd think

  • Driver training platforms

  • The results of an auto liability study Linda analyzed and what she learned about screening for safe drivers

  • Ideas for driver training

  • Linda's take on cameras and GPS telematics

  • In-cab cameras vs. forward-facing cameras

  • How to tackle the risks of slips, trips and falls

  • The importance of a pre-work assessment

  • Ideas for mitigating the dog bite risk

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The key is to talk about safe driving all the time." —Linda Midyett, PestSure

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