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Episode 141


Topic: D2D: Get the Sales You Need With a Proven Playbook

Guest: Lenny Gray, author of “Door-to-Door Millionaire”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Lenny's background knocking doors in the pest control industry

  • The strategy behind D2D and how it compares to digital marketing or doing an acquisition

  • What you "must do" if you go this route

  • Lenny's take on the key to training

  • Whether D2D is a sprint or marathon

  • How to get started in D2D

  • Who shouldn't try door-to-door marketing

  • The best way to finance a door-to-door campaign

  • The revenue expectation for a new summer sales rep

  • The closing ratio for door knockers in the pest control industry

  • The one KPI Lenny worries about the most

  • Ideas for recruiting door knockers

  • Challenges with hiring outside sales firms

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "You can't even tell me if you're going to be able to do this or not until you talk to 600 people." —Lenny Gray

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