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Episode 151


Topic: How to Build a D2D Team

Guest: Stephen Rhyne, CEO of ConveYour

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Donnie sees building door-to-door (D2D) teams as one of the most necessary changes pest control companies must make for future success

  • The fast growth and success some pest control companies have realized, including Dan's client Fox Pest Control, which sold to Rollins earlier this year

  • What's different about recruiting commission-based contractors (1099) vs. employees (W2) for sales reps

  • How successful D2D companies think about hiring reps compared to traditional companies

  • Where Donnie's company struggled executing this strategy

  • Why you must continue to get your reps to buy in, even during and after onboarding

  • Why it's important to streamline paperwork and training with online tools

  • Where to get started with recruiting and sourcing door reps

  • Why you have to make it "stupid easy" to get your existing reps to recruit new reps

  • The role "lead nurturing" plays in recruiting reps and how to screen out those who aren't a good fit

  • The power of setting expectations in the training process

  • Why the initial goal when training reps should be to get them to an "aha moment"

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The way great D2D companies think about recruiting 1099 reps is they think about it as a sales and marketing opp." —Stephen Rhyne

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