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Episode 178


Topic: Protecting the Future of Pest Management

Guest: JD Darr, Senior Director of Public Policy, National Pest Management Association

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our sponsors Coalmarch by Workwave and PestSure

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • Donnie's experience fighting a service tax for the pest industry in North Carolina

  • The purpose and importance of NPMA Legislative Day

  • How this year's NPMA Legislative Day saw a 20 percent increase in participation over last year

  • Why Dan says Legislative Day is also great for networking with other PMPs

  • How state level pesticide preemption was is the main legislative focus for this year

  • Why preemption can be confusing and JD's explanation of what PMPs want vs. don't want

  • The Farm Bill and its role in pesticide preemption

  • What the opposition says about pesticide preemption

  • The status of rodenticide restrictions and how NPMA is working with EPA

  • NPMA and state associations' VoterVoice campaigns

  • The importance of getting involved with your state association

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Don't think that because you're not a scientist or you're not an entomologist you can't go (to Legislative Day) and have an impact." —Dan Gordon

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