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Episode 171


Topic: What's on Deck for PPMA

Guest: Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., Executive Director, Professional Pest Management Alliance & Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, National Pest Management Association

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our sponsors Coalmarch by Workwave and PestSure

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • The difference between NPMA (national trade organization) and PPMA (consumer outreach arm) and how many folks are confused about the different

  • Key results from PPMA's 2023 Annual Report, including netting 1.8 billion consumer impressions

  • Large-scale projects, like Season 2 of "Will They Eat It?" with Dr. Mike Bentley and "Do Not Disturb"

  • Benefits of PPMA, including Mainframe, a digital agency for PPMA investors

  • How has nearly 150,000 followers on TikTok

  • Levels of PPMA investors

  • How April is National Pest Management Month and what PPMA has planned for the month

  • PPMA awareness weeks, including Termite Awareness Week, Tick Awareness Week, Bed Bug Awareness Week and Rodent Awareness Week

  • Success with Public Service Announcements

  • New projects, including a social media campaign called "Mike On the Street" and "What Grows There"

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The message is: 'This is not a do-it-yourself project. Don't be a hero. Call a pro.' That's our messaging." —Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., PPMA

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