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Episode 183


Topic: Review Generation & Its Impact on Your Growth

Guest: Christin Nein, Sr. Director, Product Development, Coalmarch by Workwave

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our sponsors Coalmarch by Workwave and PestSure

  • PMP Industry Insiders Peer Groups

  • Why everyone knows reviews are important, but businesses still struggle with them

  • Three reasons Google reviews are best

  • How to implement a review generation program

  • Why scattered texts are better than bulk emails when asking for reviews

  • The power of incentivizing technicians or CSRs to ask for reviews

  • Why you need reviews for all your branches

  • More ratings vs. higher ratings

  • How to respond to negative reviews

  • Whether third-party platforms are a good approach to collect reviews

  • Does it work to coach customers on how to write a review?

  • What not to do when it comes to generating reviews

  • How to handle a review "hit job"

  • Is there a way to "cherry pick" reviews and is it a good idea?

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Having a really strong review profile on Google is a great way to enhance the performance of your marketing." —Christin Nein

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