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Episode 21


Topic: What Is Your Why? How to Find Real Success in Business

Guest: Bobby Jenkins, owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The uniqueness of the pest management industry in terms of how willing people are to share with one another

  • Bobby's background as a second-generation PMP and how he and his brothers got involved in their dad's business

  • The Jenkins brothers' unique business model

  • ABC's horizontal home services model -- offering more than a dozen service lines

  • Why Bobby is a long way from slowing down

  • Bobby's motivation to use his time, treasure and talents to support his community

  • How he's supporting and spotlighting local restaurants during COVID

  • How and why ABC distributes care bags to homeless folks

  • Bobby's "why" as an owner and why he has zero interest in selling the business

  • Why he desires ABC to be a multigenerational business

  • How he creates work/life balance

  • The importance of intentional communication

Notable: "We are making a positive impact on the quality of life of our customers' lives ... We give people back their time." —Bobby Jenkins

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