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Episode: 34

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Topic: How to Grow Your Company Through Branding

Guest: Jamie Ogle, Lloyd Pest Control

In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of LLoyd Pest Control, which goes back three generations and 90 years to a time when Jamie’s grandfather, Al, took out rats in warehouses at night with bird shot and a .22 caliber rifle

  • How Jamie intended to get experience working elsewhere but joined the business soon after college because of his father’s cancer diagnosis in 1991

  • When and why Jamie decided to go to business school

  • The size and scope of the business when he took over in 2000

  • How he views regulations as a part of doing business rather than a point of frustration

  • How Lloyd Pest Control has become a trusted brand

  • The power of a money-back guarantee for your brand

  • How the company builds its customer base in a large market like San Diego and outlying areas with radio, direct mail and more

  • What Jamie would have done differently with the PPP loan in hindsight

  • How the company makes decisions about branding

  • How much the company spends on marketing

  • The new software Lloyd Pest Control launched prior to the pandemic


Creative direct mail piece: Postcard from Argentine ant - front | back

Software: Clypboard, a new software implemented in February 2020, launched by Plunkett’s Pest Control

Advice: “If a customer isn’t happy, we give their money back. In today’s world, (an unhappy customer) is a bad Yelp review or a bad Google review that can be seen by millions of people. It’s worth just losing the battle to make sure we only have good reviews and to make sure our customers are satisfied and are only saying good things about us.” —Jamie Ogle

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