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Episode 36

June 3, 2021

Topic: What Happens After the Deal?

Guest: Amy Wilson, COO, Certus Pest

In this episode we discuss:

  • Amy’s background and role at Certus

  • Where Certus stands at its two-year anniversary, including revenue and employee levels

  • Amy’s philosophy on getting out in the field to learn from the company’s experts

  • Her view of the pest control industry

  • How Certus implemented employee engagement programs to stay connected in 2020

  • How Certus integrates companies and approaches due diligence

  • Her top recommendation for PMPs who are looking to sell

Resources mentioned:

Advice: “I need to learn so I can lead. If I don’t know the team and what their desires are and what they’re great at, then I can’t be their leader.” —Amy Wilson

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