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Episode 49

Sept. 9, 2021

Topic: 10 Ways to Take Your Digital to the Next Level in the Off Season

Guests: Coalmarch's Rachel Betterbid and Rachel Kirkpatrick

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The 10 ways to take your digital to the next level in the off season

  1. Reassess customer acquisition costs

  2. Many business owners don't have acquisition cost goals or ROI goals for their marketing campaigns

  3. Donnie has seen digital costs to acquire customers double and triple in some cases

  4. How customer attrition and closing rate play a role

  5. Implement the infrastructure to assess customer acquisition costs on a regular basis

  6. Do you have a way to measure this on a day-to-day basis? In other words, do you know if you are "closing the loop" between marketing/advertising and sales?

  7. Whether Donnie sees a difference between Google analytics and CRM figures

  8. Reassess your company’s true competitive advantages/unique value proposition

  9. How do you really stand out if you are providing the same service as your competitors?

  10. Donnie says it doesn't have to be completely unique, it just has to a position you own in your market

  11. Diversify your digital marketing advertising channels

  12. Invest in branding -- stop putting this off

  13. Donnie was wrong about branding in the past -- it's important!

  14. It's a long-term investment so when customers have a need, they think of your company

  15. Branding methods vary based on your target demographic

  16. Utilize digital efforts to track offline ad campaigns

  17. Focus on improving your sales team performance

  18. Make sure your website is in a great shape

  19. The average lifespan of a website is two to three years; it's important to keep up with customer expectations

  20. Consider adopting a “digital” franchise model even if you aren’t a franchise

  21. Google was built for brick-and-mortar businesses, which puts service businesses at a disadvantage

  22. "Near me" searches have exploded, so it's beneficial to have multiple locations throughout your service area

  23. Test, test, test

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "Going into the year, you should really think about, 'What am I willing to spend to acquire a customer?'"

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