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Episode 60


Topic: Finding Great People in an Impossible Labor Market

Guest: Sarah Verlinger, Director of Cultural Development for Triangle Home Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sarah's background and what led her to Triangle Home Services

  • How Triangle's leaders defined their ideal team member based on the company's core values (respect, integrity, service, excellence)

  • How Triangle's success on sites like Indeed has decreased over the last two years

  • What is working for Triangle (referral bonuses and referral cards)

  • How Triangle's referral bonus is structured ($1,000 broken into three payout periods)

  • Why the lawn care division tried signing and retention bonuses and how Triangle structures them

  • What else Triangle is trying (job fairs, partnering with high schools and more)

  • Sarah's process for screening and evaluating candidates

  • The tools Sarah uses to manage the screening process

  • How Triangle makes an offer and onboards new hires

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Just be patient ... If you wait for the right person, it will pay off in the long run because they are going to stay, and you're not going to have to constantly be handholding and monitoring them." —Sarah Verlinger, Triangle Home Services

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