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Episode 63

Jan. 13, 2022

Topic: How to Get Your Techs to Sell

Guests: Donnie Shelton and Dan Gordon

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Donnie's first attempt at getting technicians to sell was a failure, causing him to turn over his entire team of techs

  • Salespeople and technicians typically have different personalities

  • How Donnie discovered the best way to get techs to sell was to not require them to sell but rather to generate leads

  • Who inspired Donnie to go this route

  • Triangle's approach, which includes technical training, incentives and technology

  • What Triangle's lead-gen system looks like and how it accounts for lead quality

  • How technician-generated leads compare to inbound digital leads

  • Why Donnie prefers recurring leads vs. one-time leads

  • How much Triangle pays technicians for leads

  • The biggest thing Donnie's learned about implementing goals for technicians

  • Dan's take on the math behind this concept and how to think about it if you're on the fence

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "If you have an inside sales team, you may want to test having your techs be lead generators and see where that goes." —Donnie Shelton

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