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Episode 65

Jan. 27, 2022

Topic: Retaining Team Members & Fostering Culture

Guest: Sarah Verlinger, Director of Cultural Development for Triangle Home Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Triangle retains key players and sets up new candidates for success

  • How 90-day objectives play a role in retaining team members at Triangle

  • How Sarah measures employee retention and how frequently she evaluates it

  • What things Triangle has done to improve retention over the past few years

  • What Sarah attributes the improvement in retention to, including the overall benefits package and doing a better job marketing those benefits

  • Annual compensation statements and why they're so powerful

  • How Sarah defines company culture and what goes into it at Triangle

  • How Triangle incorporates employee feedback

  • How Donnie defines company culture

  • Budgeting for and prioritizing elements of company culture

  • How companies can measure or evaluate their culture

  • What to do if you know you need to right the ship from a culture standpoint

  • How to hire a "culture tsar" for your company

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "If you don't define your culture, your culture is going to define you." —Sarah Verlinger, Triangle Home Services

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