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Episode 66

Feb. 3, 2022

Topic: Motivating Your Team Through Recognition

Guest: Emily Thomas Kendrick and Tim Pollard, Arrow Exterminators

In this episode we discuss:

  • The business case for recognition and what Arrow's programs look like

  • How "motivation" is one of Arrow's eight core values

  • Formal and informal things pest companies can do to motivate employees

  • Why Arrow offers various incentive trips as part of its reward and recognition initiatives

  • How much Arrow spends on employee motivation and recognition programs and why Emily says it's "the very best money we spend"

  • How Arrow has grown over the last dozen years

  • Whether it's possible to overdo employee recognition

  • How Arrow uses challenge coins, similar to the military, and why it's so effective

  • How Emily started sending baby onesies to team members years ago

  • Emily's and Tim's vision for the future of Arrow and predictions for the future of the industry

Resources mentioned:

  • Examples of Arrow babies wearing onesies the company gifts them:

"We love to love on our people. It's just what we do. I learned it from my dad and my grandfather." —Emily Thomas Kendrick

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