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Episode 77


Topic: Creating Your Brand Through Operational Excellence

Guest: Dan Gordon and Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why a brand all starts with the company's owner and trickles down the to the team and company overall

  • How Yeti is an example of a brand that delivers on its promise

  • Why Dan equates building your brand to working on your car

  • How it's a two-pronged approach: systems and people

  • What Donnie learned when a colleague tried to buy service from his company

  • Why standardization of services is important to branding

  • Why the fundamentals are systems and simplicity

  • How Southwest Airlines built its brand by getting really good at a few things

  • Donnie's take on how the role field operations play

  • Why it's important to have dashboards but not to get distracted by the software and data

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "The real question you need to be asking is, 'How do I fulfill the (brand) promise as best as I possibly can?" —Donnie Shelton

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