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Episode 79


Topic: M&A Q&A with Anticimex

Guest: Sebastian Tomassoni, VP of M&A, Anticimex

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sebastian's background and how he came to work in pest control mergers and acquisitions at Anticimex

  • Anticimex's growth in the U.S. since entering the market in 2016

  • How the company has done more than 80 acquisitions over the last six years, including more than 25 in 2021

  • The characteristics Anticimex looks for in an acquisition target and its strategy in terms of geography

  • Why Anticimex's goal is to be a billion dollar business and how that translates to operations

  • How the size of the business plays into whether or not Anticimex will acquire it

  • Whether the business mix influences Anticimex's interest in a target

  • The integration process and why it's the most challenging aspect of a deal

  • How retaining the employees and customer base are the key to success

  • Anticimex's M&A process and decentralized model for acquiring companies

  • His take on the Terminix/Rentokil deal and how it may affect the industry and valuations

  • The most difficult and easiest parts of the acquisition process

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Our long-term plan here in the U.S. is to be a billion dollar business." —Sebastian Tomassoni, Anticimex

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