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Episode 89


Topic: Save Fuel with Tighter Routes

Guest: Andrew de la Chapelle, Corporate Development, PCO Bookkeepers & PCO M&A Specialists

In this episode we discuss:

  • Andrew's background as Industry Strategist for WorkWave, and how during his tenure, PestPac RouteOp was the most successful module and integrated solution ever launched

  • The importance of becoming more efficient with GPS and route optimization

  • Andrew's recommendation for incorporating GPS to minimize your insurance premiums

  • His advice for getting started with GPS if you don't currently use it

  • What Donnie looks for when it comes to a GPS solution

  • Pros and cons of cameras with GPS and privacy concerns

  • Missed opportunities when it comes to routing in the pest control industry

  • The importance of being willing to fire customers that are geographic outliers

  • Why it's not a good idea to allow technicians to schedule their own routes

  • How improving routing can be as powerful profit-wise as a price increase

  • Why gross margin is the most important number to track outside of profit, and how poor routing allows it to erode

Resources mentioned:

Advice: "With fuel costs the way they are (and) insurance premiums the way they are, I would literally be spending all my time building more dense routes and being smarter with what my technicians are doing on a daily basis." —Andrew de la Chapelle

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