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Episode 113


Topic: ChatGPT: The Pest & Lawn Game Changer

Guest: Dan Gordon, PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists, and Donnie Shelton, Triangle Home Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • How ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that is already revolutionizing many industries

  • Why Donnie and Dan believe this technology is here to stay and is not just a flash in the pan

  • How the real estate industry is using ChatGPT

  • How Dan and Donnie have experimented with it

  • The benefits and what it's good for

  • The limitations of the platform

  • Ways ChatGPT could be applied in the pest and lawn industries

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The technology itself is here to stay ... The idea of using AI to generate content, to generate ads, I don't think it's going away." —Donnie Shelton

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