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Episode 123


Topic: How to Deepen Your Company's Community Involvement

Guest: Bobby Jenkins, owner ABC Home & Commercial Services

In this episode we discuss:

  • An update on Bobby's company, including the growth over the past few years — to the tune of employing more than 1,000 people and 13 percent average annual growth

  • Why and how ABC is working on its five-year strategic plan and is incorporating servant leadership training

  • Bobby's thoughts on succession planning, which he wrote about for Pest Management Professional magazine, and how he's being intentional about it

  • How ABC incorporates community involvement into its core values

  • Why Bobby hired a person dedicated to philanthropic efforts, including the firm's United Way campaign and its ABC Kite Festival

  • ABC's plans to initiate a program where it pays employees to volunteer at an organization of their choice and will make a donation in their honor

  • Bobby's take on how community involvement develops a positive culture and how ABC measures and tracks it with internal surveys

  • Why its important to share your company's philanthropic efforts

  • Bobby's advice for beginning to give back as a company and why small business owners are a good fit to join nonprofit boards

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "We just want to give people the tools to go (volunteer) and give them the opportunity to go do it. Because when they do it, the community wins, I promise you the person who goes and does the work wins, and also ABC wins. This company benefits when people see us out in the community giving back."—Bobby Jenkins

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