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Episode 137


Topic: How Investors Look at Your Pest Control Company

Guests: Ilka Krieger & Claire Williams, Alvarez & Marsal

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ilka's and Claire's roles as professional due diligence advisers

  • Why buyers hire financial due diligence professionals

  • What the due diligence process entails and typical data requested

  • How the buyers looks at revenue recognition and why that 's sometimes a sticking point

  • The key metric that defines the quality of earnings

  • Why communication and expectations between buyers/sellers are so important

  • What a top-notch seller looks like in the pest control industry

  • Indicators of a poor seller (and what not to do)

  • Instances where buyers and sellers may disagree on value

  • Deal fatigue, how it sets in and how to avoid it

Quotable: "The financials should reflect an accurate picture of the company's operating performance." —Ilka Krieger

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