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Episode 143


Topic: Lead like a SEAL

Guest: Carlos Mendez, Consultant & Instructor, Echelon Front

In this episode we discuss:

  • Carlos' background and how he came to join Echelon Front

  • How the principles in the book "Extreme Ownership" apply across all industries

  • The fact that leadership is a skill owners and managers responsible for teaching to their team

  • How SEALS are trained to lead and how that translates to the business world

  • How to handle under performers

  • How middle managers can handle decisions they don't agree with

  • Fostering an environment of leading up the chain of command

  • The importance of a debrief

  • The concept of iterative decision making

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "If you deal with other human beings, you're in a leadership position." —Carlos Mendez, Echelon Front

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