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Episode 145


Topic: PestWorld 2023 Preview

Guest: Dr. Mike Bentley, VP of training and technical services, National Pest Management Association

In this episode we discuss:

  • Condolences for and memories about former NPMA CEO Bob Rosenburg, who died on Sept. 10

  • New NPMA initiatives, including a new line of educational pest posters

  • A new lineup of online training courses, such as a new Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) training bundle

  • How the NPMA conference team has taken into account that many attendees will be jet lagged in Hawaii

  • Why invasive species management will be a focus of the technical sessions

  • A panel discussion Mike's looking forward to called "Brand, Culture, Legacy: Building More Than Just a Pest Control Business"

  • Two sessions he's expecting to have a big draw: 1). "Rodenticide Regulations in the US: An Overview of Current and Future Implications" and 2). "THOUGHT LEADER AI/ChatGPT: What Is All the Fuss About..."

  • Which sessions are best for small and large business owners

  • Which presentation will likely have the most entertaining speaker

  • Shameless plugs for the PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists booth (#605) and our sponsors' booths: WorkWave (#401) and PestSure (#609)

  • Donnie's and Dan's strategies for tackling the trade show floor

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The nice thing about our programming is we've got an amazing lineup of technical as well as business sessions." —Dr. Mike Bentley

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