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Episode 150


Topic: Lawn Care Wisdom with Joe Kucik

Guest: Joe Kucik, co-chairman of ExperiGreen & founder of Real Green Systems

In this episode we discuss:

  • Joe's background as the founder of Real Green Systems, which was sold to WorkWave in 2021

  • How he and former Scotts Lawn Service franchisees founded ExperiGreen after Scotts sold to Trugreen

  • How Huron Capital invested in ExperiGreen in 2022, aiding in the company's expansion to 100,000 customers

  • What else Joe has been working on

  • How he got into the lawn care industry and began writing software to help his business

  • Joe's positive outlook for the lawn care industry

  • How it's more expensive to grow a lawn care company today than 10-15 years ago, but it is still doable

  • How the Covid years were an exception, and things have slowed down somewhat

  • His take on valuations and Trugreen's M&A strategy

  • His experience with peer groups

  • What Joe wishes he would have done differently early on in his lawn care business

  • Why he joined the Scotts LawnService franchise system early on

  • Joe's top advice for LCOs

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "I don't think many industries share like we do ... As long as you run an honest business and do things the right way, you can have plenty of competition and still be friends with them." —Joe Kucik

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