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Episode 158


Topic: Pest Insurance Market Update

Guest: Todd Burke, COO, PestSure

In this episode we discuss:

  • Background on PestSure, which has been serving the pest control market for more than 40 years

  • Why a captive has advantages over a traditional insurance company

  • PestSure resources, including an annual Safety and Loss Prevention Conference

  • Todd's take on the state of the pest control market

  • The status of rates and claims

  • Why auto insurance has become one of the biggest challenges

  • Admitted vs. non-admitted carriers

  • How rate increases are different with a captive vs. standard insurance company

  • The role of litigation and need for tort reform

  • When it makes sense to self insure for auto physical damage

  • "Novice drivers" and how they're driving up auto claims

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Make sure you're speaking to your agent or broker at least six months (in advance) ... There's not anybody out there that has a pest control company insured that's not nervous about the auto renewal." —Todd Burke, PestSure

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