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Episode 74

March 31, 2022

Topic: Terminix/Rentokil Update: An Exclusive Sit-Down with John Myers

Guest: John Myers, President & CEO, Rentokil North America

In this episode we discuss:

  • An update on the blockbuster deal announced in December for Rentokil to acquire Terminix for $6.7 billion

  • John's background and responsibilities at Rentokil

  • What the deal means to John personally

  • When the deal is expected to close and the other hurdles it must clear (Rentokil shareholder approval, Terminix shareholder approval and SEC approval)

  • John's take on the biggest challenges the companies will face as they integrate

  • What impresses him about Terminix and why he says it's a good culture fit

  • The strategy for the keeping the various brand names in the portfolio

  • Rentokil's plan for integrating Terminix's franchisees

  • What Rentoki's M&A approach will be going forward

  • John's take on valuations and how higher interest rates may play a role

  • John's five pieces of advice for pest control operators who want increase the value of their business

  • What's next for John personally

Resources mentioned:

"Terminix is one of the best-known residential brands in the U.S. It's our strategy to keep that brand and leverage its strength to grow faster." —John Myers, President & CEO, Rentokil North America

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