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Episode 40

June 29, 2021

Topic: Inside the Blockbuster WorkWave/Real Green Systems Deal

Guests: WorkWave CEO David Giannetto and Real Green Systems CEO Bill Nunan

In this episode we discuss:

  • WorkWave's roots, which go back 40 years. Many members of the pest control industry know it as Marathon Data or PestPac.

  • The history of Real Green, which was founded by Joe Kucik in 1984.

  • WorkWave's private equity owners, how they launched it as a standalone platform company, and how that plays a role in the deal.

  • The vision for the brands coming together. Real Green will continue to operate as Real Green, essentially becoming a fifth WorkWave platform.

  • What's in it for the PestPac and Real Green customers and how the deal will allow for acceleration from an innovation standpoint.

  • How the WorkWave and Real Green user conferences will be combined in 2022.

  • Why both WorkWave and Real Green became payment facilitators and what will happen with merchant services going forward.

  • How and why WorkWave will release a credit card for small businesses in the upcoming months.

  • Whether we can expect any more big deals or announcements.

Notable Quote: "This is a big swing. It's a huge move, we're putting a lot of money on the line to do it, but as moves go, it's a pretty safe bet ... When you step back and you talk about this, very quickly everyone says, 'This makes a lot of sense.'" —David Giannetto

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