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Episode 54

Oct. 21, 2021

Topic: From Chaos to Consistency with ‘E-Myth’ Author Michael E. Gerber, principal of Michael E. Gerber Cos.

Guest: Michael E. Gerber

In this episode we discuss:

  • 'E-Myth' concepts and how they have positively affected Dan and Donnie in their businesses

  • How most small companies won't grow beyond a company of one, two, three or four unless something dramatically changes in the way the owners operate them

  • What Michael learned selling encyclopedias door to door and how he identified the differences between "technician," "manager" and "entrepreneur"

  • The eight steps his says you must take to grow a company from one to a company of 1,000

  • How the four entrepreneurial personalities play a role (Dreamer, Thinker, Storyteller, Leader)

  • How the "franchise" mindset of consistency and repeatability is vital

  • How lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfillment are the three-legged stool of a successful business and must be turn-key

  • Michael's advice for business owners who realize they are better suited to work in the business as a

technician rather than on the business

  • Why he says that success is not about skills -- anyone can be successful by implementing 'E-Myth' concepts

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The entrepreneur is the creator. The entrepreneur is what Walt Disney called the 'imagineer.' The entrepreneur is the one who envisions the entirety of the enterprise." —Michael E. Gerber

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