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Episode 69

Feb. 24, 2022

Topic: Who Is the Essential Field Technician?

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • How important technicians are to the success of a pest control company

  • Can technicians be good salespeople and salespeople be good technicians?

  • Dan's take on the two ways to make money in pest control

  • How personality plays a role in whether someone would be a better salesperson or a technician

  • Donnie's take on technicians as lead generators vs. salespeople

  • Why Donnie says technicians who are salespeople are like sporks

  • Donnie's philosophy for requiring technicians to generate 5 leads per week and how to get them to buy in

  • How important training is in technician development

  • Why you have to implement regular training, even though it feels like there is never a good time

  • Triangle's approach to training technicians two times a week

  • Why Donnie says position agreements are better than job descriptions

  • How Triangle uses Individual Leadership Plans, an idea Donnie got from Fox Pest Control

  • How Dan and Donnie use balanced scorecards to run their businesses

  • How a technician's scorecard and incentives should reflect your company's ideal client experience

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "The person who makes everything happen is your technician. You can liken it to a manufacturing process ... If you want to have a quality product, you have to have quality inputs, and therefore you have to have quality technicians." —Dan Gordon

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