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Episode 71

March 10, 2022

Topic: How to Improve Sales in the Office

Guest: Dan Gordon and Donnie Shelton

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How it's not enough to have a great team in the office; you must have good inside sales fundamentals and execute them consistency

  • According to Donnie and Dan, the inside sales fundamentals for pest control are:

  1. Plug all the holes.

  2. Record everything and push it to the customer account

  3. Coach your staff.

  4. Split out sales duties.

  5. Start an outbound sales team.

  • Why it's important to "plug all the holes" in terms of leads coming into the office via phone, website, text, email and social and establish a baseline

  • Omnichannel tools for lead tracking

  • Why you should record and log everything in your CRM software

  • Why this will be even more important as costs per lead go up

  • The logistics of setting up an omnichannel system

  • Tips for training and coaching your staff

  • The power of "public hangings" — aka training with real calls with real customers — and coaching around it

  • Why you should consider taking inside sales duties of your CSRs' plates

  • Why Donnie says you can't afford not to have an outbound sales team

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Saving an account is selling." —Donnie Shelton

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