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Episode 73

March 24, 2022

Topic: 10 Steps for a Killer Customer Experience

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the state of customer service is mediocre at best — leaving a huge opportunity for your company to stand out

  • How it all starts with infrastructure, including your ability to know what your team is doing and what your customers value

  • There are 10 steps to creating a killer customer experience (download a checklist here)

  • First, you must be able to record what your team is already doing and find out what your customers really think about your service

  • Why and how to standardize your service

  • How to document your customer experience from their point of view

  • Why you should focus on the top 10 percent of your customer base, not your average customer

  • The importance of customer experience training

  • How to empower your team to solve client problems

  • Why it's important to share what not to do as well as what to do

  • How to test and validate your customer experience

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