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Episode 88


Topic: Q2 Wrap: Inflation, Pricing & The Economy

Guests: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Donnie is seeing among Coalmarch clients coming out of the spring, including folks pulling back on marketing on the lawn side due to labor challenges

  • Why Dan says the best economy for pest control is not a hot economy and not a horrible economy

  • How and why pay-per-click fees are increasing

  • The importance of social media now and branding on platforms

  • The latest Consumer Price Index report and how pest control inflation is likely at least 16 percent

  • Dan and Donnie's take on wage inflation and whether it will come back down

  • Why labor, materials and fuel are the three things you need to watch

  • The importance of creating some rules for yourself if your margins start to shrink

  • The M&A outlook for the rest of the year

  • Dan's analysis of the state of the Terminix/Rentokil deal

  • Donnie's & Dan's recommendations for Q3 and Q4

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "You shouldn't get aggressive when you're in a bear market; you should get very defensive." —Dan Gordon

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