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Episode 91


Topic: Maximize Your Google Paid Budget

Guests: Katie McCaskill and Alanna Young, Coalmarch

In this episode we discuss:

  • Katie's and Alanna's backgrounds in marketing

  • Why the average cost per click has been rising the past few years

  • How demand doesn't appear to be going down for pest and lawn services, but conversion rates are

  • Whether digital marketing is going the way of Yellow Pages

  • How your market is a major driver of your costs and why it's more important than ever to find ways to stand out

  • The way Google's changes are taking away control from advertisers by focusing on "intent"

  • Alanna's and Katie's top 3 recommendations

    • Set up Google Local Services, where you only have to pay for qualified leads. Note it may not be as successful for lawn care as it is for pest control. Remember to manage and update it

    • Determine your marketing budget flexibility by identifying your maximum cost per lead and communicating it to your marketing team

    • Invest in branding and traditional marketing measures, although they are not direct lead generators like digital marketing is

  • How Donnie is attempting to measure his investment in branding at Triangle

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "One of the biggest changes that we've seen has been the sheer amount of companies using these platforms that maybe hadn't touched it before. There were so many companies that relied on door-to-door sales that had to shift their strategy online and really flooded the paid landscape." —Alanna Young

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