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Episode 97


Topic: Up Your Hiring & Onboarding Game

Guest: Jeff Davis, Group President for Solution Sales, WorkWave

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jeff's background at two software companies acquired by WorkWave (TEAM Software and Kwantek)

  • How those products eventually will add value for pest and lawn users

  • Jeff's take on the openness and collaboration of companies the pest industry

  • The fact that the pest control industry offers real careers compared to other industries how that's an advantage

  • Macro trends in the labor market, including how for every two open jobs there is one person available

  • The difference between active job applicants and passive applicants

  • How success starts with creating an ideal employee profile for each position

  • Why good big companies have blended their marketing and recruiting departments

  • The importance of targeting your recruiting marketing efforts based on your ideal employee profile

  • How to attract applicants with digital and other types of advertising

  • How to take the hassle out of onboarding

  • The biggest mistakes companies make when onboarding and the importance of engagement

  • Tips for using software to remember anniversaries, birthdays and other important details

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Once you have that proper recruiting structure bringing people into your organization, then things like retention and turnover tend to fix themselves." —Jeff Davis

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