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Episode 100


Topic: Analyst Tim Mulrooney Is Back for Our 100th Episode!

Guest: Tim Mulrooney, William Blair

In this episode we discuss:

  • What's going on with inflation, interest rates, the stock market and economy overall

  • Whether a recession is impending and how Tim believes it will play out

  • Will employment declines occur sometime soon?

  • The definition of recession

  • Dan's take on the pest management industry's confidence right now

  • Whether the industry is recession-proof or recession-resistant

  • Tim's analysis of the data from the 2008-2009 recession

  • Whether price increases over the last year will hold

  • Will there will be a catalyst for growth like bed bugs were in 2008-2009?

  • Tim's take on M&A valuations right now and what's driving them

  • Dan's and Tim's take on whether private equity is here to stay

  • What could happen with strictly door-to-door pest control companies

  • Tim's thoughts on the status of the Rentokil/Terminix deal

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "I know I say this every year, but there is more interest at this PestWorld coming from financial sponsors than I've ever seen before. You've always had the big five strategics plus Arrow, Massey and others, but now you have 10, 20, 30 private equity companies that ... over the last 12-18 months are actually executing and doing deals." —Tim Mulrooney

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