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Episode 104


Topic: Your Questions — Answered

Guest: Dan & Donnie

In this episode we discuss:

  • How we sometimes get questions from listeners at, so we're taking the time to answer a few of them today

  • A disclaimer about pay and HR issues: always check with a labor attorney or HR professional who knows your state laws

  • Question 1: What's better in terms of technician pay — hourly or commission?

    • Why Donnie prefers paying technicians commission and the pros and cons

    • Where a hybrid model comes into play

    • Why you must keep your commission structure transparent and easy to understand

    • The 7(i) exemption and why it's important to check your state laws

    • How to account for "special overtime"

    • Why it's important to keep time regardless of which model you use

  • Question 2: What's the best way to schedule customers?

    • Why Triangle Pest Control schedules a month out and optimizes first for the month, then the week, then the day

    • How same-day service comes into play

    • How Triangle handles notifications

    • Why Donnie is moving away from emailing clients toward text messaging

  • Question 3: What's the best way to pay office staff?

    • How Triangle does it

    • Different ways to structure your admin and customer service teams

    • Whether office commissions should be based on sales or conversions

  • Question 4: Do you recommend notifying customers about price increases when you have a credit card on file?

    • Why it depends based on what your contract says

    • How you run a risk of cancelling if you do notify

    • How to include language about future increases in your communications

    • Why monthly billing makes price increases much easier

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "We're in a nickel and dime business, and if you can raise your prices by nickels and dimes, it all falls to the bottom line." —Dan Gordon

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