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Episode 98


Topic: How to Sell Pest Control via Text Message

Guests: Anne-Marie Tulp, president, & Tiffany Ghent, operations manager, Adam's Pest Control

In this episode we discuss:

  • What inspired the team at Adam's Pest Control to sell via text message

  • When they got started and how they discovered a workaround with software they were using for a different purposes

  • The advantages of texting your customers vs. emailing them

  • How Adam's has established a text-first culture

  • How much Adam's sells this way and the results of a recent campaign

  • Automated campaigns vs. manual campaigns

  • How they used templates for responses

  • Why you need to appoint an implementer

  • How all ages are open to text messaging, even if you think they may not be

Resources mentioned:

  • Software platform Adam's Pest Control uses for reviews and text messaging: Podium

Notable: "I find that you easily get the 'yes' or the 'no' when you're using texting." —Anne-Marie Tulp

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