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Episode 119


Topic: How to Evolve & Grow in Lawn Care

Guest: Jennifer Lemcke, CEO, Weed Man & Turfbot

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Donnie bought lawn care from a Weed Man door-to-door team

  • Jennifer's background in the lawn care industry with Weed Man, starting with her father buying a franchise, she and her husband running a location, scaling from there to run Weed Man USA/Turf Holdings, and eventually purchasing the rights to Weed Man Canada

  • Her take on how things are the same and different today vs. 30 years ago when she started the industry

  • What got Weed Man through COVID-19

  • How today's biggest challenge is labor and why her message to franchisees is "suck it up, buttercup"

  • What Jennifer learned when she applied for jobs at several other companies

  • All the ways recruiting is like marketing and why it's vital to innovate

  • How Weed Man analyzed pay and culture among its franchisees

  • The definition of zero-based budgeting and how Weed Man does it

  • Why Turfbot was appealing to Jennifer and why she believes robotic mowing is the future

  • How things are going so far with Turfbot

  • Where Weed Man's growth will come from in pursuit of becoming a half a billion dollar company


Notable: "In the end, this industry is not run from a boardroom. This industry is down in the weeds, pun intended, and that's where you win. You win the details." —Jennifer Lemcke, Weed Man

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