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Episode 129


Topic: The Most Profitable Pest Ever

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our new sponsor: PestSure

  • Why Donnie says mosquito control is one of the most profitable services a pest control company can offer

  • How Donnie's company performs mosquito control

  • Dan's take on the potential gross margin for mosquito control

  • Mosquito control as a standalone vs. add-on service

  • Why many companies, especially lawn care operators, are underpricing mosquito services

  • How many stops per day is realistic

  • How mosquito control is valued from an M&A standpoint

  • How Triangle markets mosquito services

  • Why it's important to learn from your peers

  • Why you need to check with your state regarding licensing and regulations

  • Best practices for customer satisfaction

  • How to integrate it into your current service line

  • Pest tech strategy vs. blow-and-go strategy

  • Things to avoid when it comes to mosquito services

  • The future of mosquito control products

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "This is pest control on steroids from a profitability perspective." —Dan Gordon

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