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Episode 131


Topic: What You Need to Know About Sales & Use Taxes

Guest: Rich Vallari, CPA, Southwest Sales Tax Solutions

In this episode we discuss:

  • The different between sales and use tax

  • Whether you should file for use tax even if your service is not taxable

  • Why the statute of limitations is important

  • Who should consider filing a $0 return

  • Examples from Rich's clients

  • A tool Donnie uses to capture vital information in case of an audit

  • A client story Dan and Rich worked on together in Massachusetts

  • The power of proper representation

  • What a reverse audit is and when you would use it

  • Common mistakes companies make and the importance of record keeping

  • A review of a Michigan Supreme Court case called TruGreen v. Michigan

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "As states look for revenue, they're going to start taxing services, and I think pest control companies are going to be one of those services." —Rich Vallari, CPA

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