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Episode 135


Topic: Q2 Review

Guest: Dan Gordon & Donnie Shelton

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Donnie did another price increase this month

  • How labor costs continue to be high

  • Whether or not we're in a recession

  • What Donnie is seeing at Triangle as far as the economy and demand

  • The most recent William Blair/PCO Bookkeepers & M&A Specialists Pest Index results

  • What Dan is seeing on the M&A front in terms of volume

  • The status of the private equity market in pest control

  • The state of the lawn care side of the business and how valuations are rising

  • The struggle with pricing on the digital marketing side of the business

  • Buying companies vs. acquiring customers via marketing

  • The importance of revenue growth vs. net account growth

  • Dan's and Donnie's thoughts on how things will go the rest of the year

Resources mentioned:

Notable: "Overall I would say (Q2 was) not great, not awful, better than expected." —Donnie Shelton

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